Back to Pilates!

Posted on by Helen

Given everywhere all we see is ‘Back to School’ as the children head back it struck a chord for how September feels. Thank you to everyone who has been attending the Summer sessions – I hope you’ve enjoyed  the different challenges – but for those who have had a Summer break I hope you’ve had an enjoyable time and are now ready to get back to your Pilates.

September will be Spinal Rotation, particularly in the mid spine or thoracic spine where we can access a good range of movement. In this month we will also be working on the Saw exercise.  For those that know Pilates exercises  I know the Saw can be a bit of a Marmite situation – you either love it or hate it, but often it is because the technique is not always there to feel the real value of this wonderful exercise that challenges the spine in rotation, but is also a breathing exercise, waist trimming, a wonderful stretch for the spine and a hamstring stretch – what’s not to like.

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